"I'm at the House Of Vibes. This is where I do all my recording now, because it works big-time, all the time." – Mark Lindsay (former lead singer of Paul Revere And The Raiders

"I consider Kurt Reil to be the fifth Smithereen, and he has, over the past 2-3 years, engineered, co-produced and mixed all of our popular recent CD's as well as my two recent solo CD's." -- Pat Dinizio of The Smithereens

"Working at the "House of Vibes" and with Kurt was a real treat. To work with an engineer who was sympathetic to different types of instrument sounds, who was very patient at all times no matter what was thrown at him, being innovatively creative by making very useful suggestions and also being gently bold enough, as an engineer, to give honest constructive opinions without being overbearing, made a stressed out me feel comfortable and more at ease. Thanks Kurt, " -- Najma Akhtar

"Really loved working at the House of Vibes...very cool atmosphere, relaxed, true to it's name--and the sound you captured was awesome. Kurt, all the best" -- Gary Lucas

"I can't tell you how great the session was...I can honestly say that yesterday was the very first time that I've had the drums come out the way that I wanted them....ever ever ever." -- Jon Dawson, Third of Never

"Recording at the HOV was a great experience for the Holy Goats. Rick and Kurt's vast knowledge of recording techniques, coupled with their impressive musical abilities, exceeded the Holy Goats' expectations.

The HOV has the great vintage gear we needed. The intimate studio setting gave the project a good vibe. No other recording studio would have given us such complete, personalized attention. They treated our music as if it were their own."-- Todd McCullough, THE HOLY GOATS

"I am of the firm belief that my album, ONE SIZE FITS ALL, wouldn't - and couldn't! - have come out as well were it produced anywhere other than The House of Vibes. The care, sensitivity, and most importantly love that went into the recording of it is evident with every listen, as has been reflected by everyone, without exception, who has heard it. Hats off to The House of Vibes for their encouragement, enthusiasm, technical know how, creativity, and their willingness to go where children's music has not gone before." -- DANNY ADLERMAN

"It was a pleasure to record at the HOV! They have excellent equipment and Kurt and Rick are top engineers. They know their gear inside and out, and they know how to use it to help you get the sounds your band is looking for!!! We'll be back soon! Thanks again guys!!!!!!!!!!" -- ROB FARRELL (The Anderson Council)

"Kurt and Rick know how the traditional rock band should be recorded. When we were there we gave them some reference tapes of songs and albums we liked the sound of and they spent a lot of really constructive time dissecting them into their component parts, and most of these were songs they already knew pretty well anyway! It's also lots of fun to watch them fight among themselves over how to achieve these sounds once they've analyzed them." -- SANFORD FROG, guitarist (The Halfbreeds)

"I can honestly state that of all the studios I have ever toiled within -- even the Canadian ones -- NEVER have I been made to feel more sonically at home than when in the Home ...er, I mean HOUSE Of Vibes.

Over the years I've thrown every possible curve imaginable, musical and otherwise, at this modly crue (including Jack Pedler, German-language Brady Bunch hoe-downers, and even ...Gasp!... a Bay City Rollers tune) but all three Reils have never once failed to come through with nothing short of flying colors, smiling faces, and finished tracks which have floored even the most hard-eared labels and reviewers the globe over.

Plus, if your session runs into the very wee hours (and you've been Particularly nice) you might even get invited upstairs to watch old Smithereens videos whilst bunking out upon the legendary COUCH of Vibes (...thanx again, Kristin [;-)]

Yessir, Sun Studios is now a tourist trap, and Abbey Road Room Two always seems booked WAY too far in advance. But the House Of Vibes? Always ready, willing, and far more than merely able! Just tell 'em the Pig sentcha," -- GARY PIG GOLD (ex-the Ghost Rockets)

"My most recent recording experience at the HOV is also one of my best recording experiences there. Acoustic guitar, banjo, bass, and dobro were all laid down at the same time in a live backing track recording. Because of the down-home atmosphere and the ease with which HOV gets sounds right at the source (the microphone), this was the studio to use. It was a fun session, and the track turned out great!" -- MICK HARGREAVES

"Sit n' Spin started recording at the House of Vibes in the early days when it was a wee 8 track studio on 2nd St. (?) in Highland Park. We've been avid followers ever since. The Reil brothers really care about listening to songs and getting the best sounds for what the band is trying to create. They are top notch engineers as well as talented producers. Working at the House of Vibes is fun and comfortable and we've always gotten great results. We're planning on going back there even after we get that major label multimillion dollar recording budget!" -- HEIDI LIEB (Sit n' Spin)

"Working with Kurt at the House of Vibes was a great experience. His equipment is top-notch, his knowledge of the studio comprehensive, his recording instincts are sound: a clean, warm, balanced sound without gimmicks resulted. He made suggestions about how things ought to be done in a diplomat manner and left all the decisions to us. Exactly the kind of careful individual attention that a band needs." -- WES YANG (the Secret Museum)