Recording Room Sound Workshop 34C 28-channel, 24-bus Studer A812 2-track (1/4" open reel)
On- Site Recording and Music Production: House Of Vibes is a commercial recording facility. For a tour of the studio, click here.
Mixing Projects: Bring us your recording projects to mix! Most analog and digital formats can be accommodated.
Mastering House Of Vibes now has a dedicated suite for digital audio mastering.
For an equipment list, go here.
Analog to Digital Transfers: Bring us your old analog tapes for digitizing!
2" 16 and 24 track, 1/2" 8 track, ADAT.
Remote Recordng Projects: Kurt and Rick Reil are available for production work outside House of Vibes. Please contact us for rates and availability.
Spoken Word: Voiceovers, Audio Books, etc.