2007 Richard X. Heyman Actual Sighs Turn-Up Records CD
  The Smithereens Meet The Smithereens Koch CD
2006 Danny Adlerman & Friends "Cousin Jacks", A Curious
Glimpse of Michigan
Cooperfly Records
  The Anderson Council The Fall Parade Groove Disques CD
  The Randy Bandits Redbeard
  The Grip Weeds "Christmas, Bring Us" HiFi Christmas Party, Vandalay
The Smithereens 7th Inning Stretch- Official
Soundtrack to ESPN Special
2004 The Grip Weeds Giant On The Beach Rainbow Quartz Records CD
CJ Grogan newsongtoo Fake Chapter Records CD
  The Smithereens "Love Is Gone"
From Jersey It Came (The Smithereens Anthology)
2003 The Anderson Council "Pinkerton's Assorted Colours" Garage Justice vol.1/ Deep Eddy Records CD
  Jim Knable & the Randy Bandits The Woman...or the Blues CD
  The Grip Weeds The Sound Is In You (Reissue) Rainbow Quartz Records
  The Smithereens "I Want to Tell You" Songs from the Material World (A Tribute to George Harrison) Koch Records CD
2002 The Anderson Council "Welcome to the Working Week" The Stiff Generation Groove Disques CD 
  Dawn Eden "They Don't Know About Us" The Stiff Generation Groove Disques CD
  The Holy Goats The Holy Goats CD
2001 Danny Adlerman & Friends One Size Fits All Kids at our House CD
  The Anderson Council Coloursound Sinclair Records CD
  Jim Babjak’s Buzzed Meg The Music from Jim Babjak's Buzzed Meg Part Tex Remy Music Group CD
  The Grip Weeds Summer of a Thousand Years Rainbow Quartz Records CD
  Mick Hargreaves Redemption Center CD
  Buddy Woodward "You Told Me"
Papa Nez: A Loose Salute to the Work of Michael Nesmith
Dren Records CD
2000 Jim Babjak’s Buzzed Meg “The Magic Touch”/ “Love’s Made a Fool of You” Our Favorite Texan: 
Bobby Fuller Four-Ever! 
CD Japan
  Evelyn Forever "Champagne" Pop2K/ Airplay Label CD
  Kurt Reil “Over the Edge” Unsound Volume 2: Guitars!
Tomalou Records CD
  Sit 'n' Spin Enjoy the Ride CD - Cargo Records
1999 Evelyn Forever "Daisy Bell" International Pop Overthrow
'99 Del-Fi Records
  The Ghost Rockets The Spatula Ranch Sessions  Pop the Balloon Records CD
   Mannix Pretty Strange CD
  Sit 'n' Spin "Faster" b/w "High School" Dionysus Records
1998 Edenville Edenville CD
  Evelyn Forever "Winter Wonderland" Airplay Label (Radio-only CD single)
  The Ghost Rockets Bootlegs CD
  The Grip Weeds The Sound Is In You Buy or Die / Ground Up CD
  Swingin' Neckbreakers "Good Good Lovin'"
James Brown Superbad @ 65
LP/CD Zero Hour CD
  "No Costume, No Candy” Halloween Hootenanny
CD compilation
/Zombie Au Go Go/Geffen CD
/Telstar 12” Vinyl
  The Wyld Olde Souls Poems from the Astral Plane CD Parallel World 
1997 Buzzed Meg "They're My Friends"
Yellow Pills Vol. 4
Big Deal CD
  Oral Groove "Collisionville" Cross Records
  Sit 'n' Spin Pappy's Corn Squeezin' Planet Pimp CD
1996 The Grip Weeds "We're not getting through" Twang! Records Single
The Mockers "Speedboat" / "have love will travel"
Smells like Spain
CD Snap!! Records
  Sit 'n' Spin Dance With Me Baby & Be Your Girl b/w El Guapo 7" Pure Vinyl, Austria
Twang! Records Compilation
Twang! CD
  "Santa Claws" / "Nightmare Before Christmas" Worrybird 45
  "Find Out" & "Farina Jones"
All Kindsa Girls vol. 4
Munster 45
  T. Lance & the Coctails "Why?" / "Aba Daba Do Dance" Telstar 45
1995 Gigantic "Cross My Fingers" /"Waiting" Lux 45
  Sit 'n' Spin I’m Sick b/w Shafto Road 7" Planet Pimp
  Swingin' Neckbreakers Shake Break LP/CD Telstar 019
  "And I Know" (split 7" w/ M-80’s) 7" Screaming Apple 015
  "Rip it Rip it Up" /
"This Botlle of Mine"
7" R&R-INC 704
45rpm single
1994 The Grip Weeds House of Vibes Twang! Records (CD)
Oral Groove "June" Aah! Records
1993 Sit 'n' Spin "Invisible Man" b/w 7" Worrybird  
Lupine Valentine