About Us

New Jersey's premier full service recording & mastering studio for power pop, indie-classic-garage-psychedelic rock & more! Just 45 min from NYC in Highland Park NJ, the studio features analog/ digital formats and a full compliment of vintage tube gear and mics. Previous clients include The Smithereens, Mark Lindsay, Gary Lucas, Najma Akhtar, The Grip Weeds, The Doughboys and many more.

House of Vibes Productions offers the artist a very unique recording experience, providing a comfortable, professional recording environment in which the musicians and producers can function at their most creative level. Artists have been drawn to The House of Vibes because it gives them the opportunity to work with Musician-Producers who lend combined production experience, musical ability and a sympathetic ear to help achieve their vision.

House of Vibes Productions began as a project studio used only to record demos for the Grip Weeds, but soon expanded in 1993 to offer low-cost recording services with "the personal touch" to other artists. In 1996, partners Kurt Reil, Rick Reil and Kristin Pinell, also of The Grip Weeds, purchased a property in Highland Park, NJ, and installed a new recording studio facility on the basement level. As more outside artists were drawn to the House of Vibes, the studio has undergone many major equipment upgrades to achieve the best possible sound quality and currently offers several recording formats, including 2" 16/24 track analog and high resolution digital audio. House Of Vibes now offers digital mastering as part of our services via a dedicated mastering suite.

The studio specializes in, but is not limited to, production of Power Pop, Psychedelic Rock, Folk Rock and Garage Rock music and encourages the use of natural-sounding non-synthetic musical instruments...

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Kurt Reil Kurt Reil
Producer/ Engineer
Equal parts artistic and technical, Kurt has the ears of an engineer with the head of a musician, using both sides of the brain to great effect for his projects. Initially a musician (singer/ drummer of The Grip Weeds and session musician for many artists, including Mark Lindsay, Brian Wilson, Richard X Heyman and various solo projects connected to The Smithereens), Kurt got into recording first just to make demos, and his craft has blossomed ever since alongside the evolution of House Of Vibes from a project to a commercial studio. Among his many talents, Kurt excels at helping singers transfer their magic to the recording.

Rick Reil Rick Reil
Producer/ Engineer
Rick started making recordings soon after he learned to read. He possesses an innate ability for songcraft, which he brings to his work at House Of Vibes. Also a musician (guitarist/ singer of The Grip Weeds), Rick co-founded House Of Vibes and has helped shape the studio's commitment to offering musicians a sympathetic ear to reach their artistic vision.
Kristin Pinell
Kristin Pinell
Assistant Engineer
Kristin studied at Berklee College Of Music and The Hartford Conservatory, and brings her knowledge of music theory to the sessions she assists. A talented guitarist and flutist of The Grip Weeds, Kristin has done much session work at HOV and beyond. She also handles the business side of House Of Vibes Productions using her BA in accounting.